How can I apportion the amount of an invoice between several groups of mailboxes, by cost center (storage, traffic)?

I would like to apportion a global amount of 1,500$ between several departments in my company, and I need to take several cost centers into account: sent messages, storage. How can I do that?

The Cost Allocation report template, that you will find on the Templates > Billing menu, should meet your requirement.

You can use the following settings:
  • Period tab: Select your reporting period, i.e. the period for which you need to rebill sent messages.
  • Selection tab: Mailboxes by, Department.
  • Group tab: Level 1 = Department.
  • Options tab: Enter 1,500 $ in the Amount column, and assign the percentage of the bill you would like to sprend over the cost centers you have defined. For example, 40% of that bill would be allocated to sent messages, and 60% to mailbox storage.
  • Presentation tab: Choose a meaninful title for your report, for example 'Traffic and storage cost by department'.
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Sharepoint, Database table).

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