How do I search for messages containing a specific word, in the subject or body, in user mailboxes?

I have received a request to search all mailboxes containing a certain word either in the subject, or in the message body. How do I do that?

Rather than looking for messages by subject in users' mailboxes, try to exploit the content of your database first. It will be much, much faster. You will only be able to look for messages by subject, but maybe it would do the trick. Another advantage of this method is that ALL sent/received messages with that particular word in the 'Subject' line will appear - as long as you have imported message tracking files to cover the whole reporting period - even if users deleted those messages from their mailboxes.
The name of the report template you need is Find Specific Messages; you will find it on the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu.

See also  the following article: How can I find or exclude messages with a certain subject from the Find Specific Messages report ?

If you really need to look for all messages containing a certain word in mailbox items at the time when you generate the report, please use the General Mailbox Content report template. However, this dynamic report may take some time to complete depending on the number of mailboxes you select, and the number of items they contain: Promodag Reports will connect to Exchange using MAPI, and analyze the content of your mailboxes one by one. A useful trick is to select 'Message' items in the Filter tab as well as your keyword; that will restrict your search to that type of items only, and therefore make it a bit faster.

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