How can I send a message to all mailboxes over a certain size?

I know that I can spot mailboxes over a certain size using the Mailbox Storage Information report template, but it will not let me send a message to each concerned individual.

You can easily achieve this through Mailbox Storage Information by selecting these options.
  • Selection tab: Select All organization mailboxes;
  • Filter tab: Define your size criteria, for example Total item size (MB) Is greater than 512;
  • Content tab: Select the Mailbox storage (item size and count) option;
  • Compose for tab: Select the Compose individual report for selected mailboxes option, Send to: Email address, and the file format of the attached report - for example, Portable Doc Format (PDF). You can create a custom message template if you wish to deliver a specific information to the concerned users.
  • Output tab: You may wish to receive the complete report as a PDF or a CSV file by email; then select 'Email recipient' as Destination and enter your SMTP address.
All mailboxes whose size is over 512 MB will receive a message with an individual excerpt of the report as a PDF attachment, while you will yourself receive the entire list of those mailboxes.

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