How do I get a report showing the size and item count of mailbox folders such as Sent items and Deleted items?

I would like to get a report showing the size of all Sent items and Deleted items folders for a selection of mailboxes. How do I do that?

The most appropriate report template to use is called Mailbox Folder Size and you will find it on the Templates > Mailbox Content menu.

Please select the following options:
  • Selection tab: Select all mailboxes in the organization, or a group of mailboxes (by OU, Server, Database...);
  • Group tab: No grouping;
  • Folders tab: Select the Some criteria radio button, select the Sent items folder in the drop-down list, Item count >, and click OK to add your filter. Repeat this operation for the Deleted items mailbox folder. Select the Sub-folders check boxes to take all sub-folders into account.

  • Content tab: Under Detail level, select Mailbox if you need an overview only (one line per mailbox) or Folder if you need to see the item count and size per folder.
  • Presentation tab: Size in MB, MegaBytes;
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipientSharepoint, Database table).

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