How do I obtain a report showing users who have exceeded their quota?

Is there a report that will show a daily list of users who have exceeded their quota?

The most appropriate report template would be Mailbox Storage Information. You will find it on the Templates > Storage menu. There is no additional logging to activate on Microsoft Exchange to retrieve the necessary information.

Please apply the following settings:
  • Selection tab: All organization mailboxes.
  • Group tab: Level 1: No grouping.
  • Filter tab: Storage limit status Equals Issue warning, Prohibit send.
  • Options tab: Tabular data selection: make sure the Show only check box is NOT selected; Sort by: Item size, Descending.
  • Content tab: Detail level: select Mailbox Storage, quotas and limits, and select an optional mailbox attribute (such as Email address or Department) if you wish.
  • Presentation tab: Display: Table; Size in KB: KiloBytes.
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Sharepoint, Database table).
To obtain a daily report, please select an other output destination, save the report options and schedule the report as it is explained in the following article: How to automate report generation.

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