Access database: I receive various 'Invalid argument' error messages when attempting to import data or run any report

I have been using Promodag Reports for months without any problem and I now obtain various 'Invalid argument' error messages when attempting to import data, or run reports. What is happening?

You are using an Access database, and Microsoft set the size limitation of *.mdb files to 2 GB. Please make sure that you are not about to reach that physical limit; in that case, the database may be trying to expand beyond 2 GB due to temporary tables created by Promodag Reports while it generates reports.

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Please attempt to delete a few data imports as follows:
  • Go to File > Import Message Tracking Data, select your Exchange server in the right pane, then click the Server Properties button.
  • A new window opens. In the Message Tracking tab, select the most recent tracking file in the list.
  • Click the Delete button.
  • If it works, delete the next one...
  • Once you have cleared 5 or 6 of those data imports, go to File > Database Properties and try to compact the database.
Should you need to purge more records, use the Tools > Purge Message Tracking Data option as it is explained in this article: How to manually purge data from your database.

See also: Access database: What can I do if the size of my database reaches 1.9 to 2 GB?.

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