How can I list mailboxes containing a specific folder?

I would like to find a specific folder called MyArchive within all our users' mailboxes. How can I do that?

The report template to use is called Mailbox Folder Size and you will find it on the Templates > Mailbox Content menu.

We suggest you to apply the following settings:
  • Selection tab: All organization mailboxes;
  • Group tab: No grouping (Organization), Ascending; select the 'Grand total' check box.
  • Filter tab: You can filter folders by item size, item count or last logon time.
  • Folders tab: Select the Some criteria radio button; click the Condition field, so that 'Add folder filter' appears in it; click the ... button and choose Select from a mailbox in the 'Folder' drop-down list; select a mailbox that contains the folder MyArchive in the left pane, and select that folder; then, add the criteria >= 0 item, so that all folders bearing that name are displayed in the report;
  • Content tab: Include, Selected mailboxes - you can also select and display Exchange mailbox archives merged with the mailbox or separately; Detail level: Folder, All folders;
  • Compose For: Only use this option if you wish to send by email an individual report to each selected mailbox;
  • Presentation tab: Size in bytes: KiloBytes;
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Sharepoint or Database table).

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