Can I get a report on messages received by a secondary email address?

Our support mailbox is associated with 15 different e-mail addresses.
Can I get a report showing how many messages were received by each e-mail address (primary and secondary)?

Promodag Reports does only report at the recipient level. It cannot do it at the e-mail address level, since Exchange does not retain this information and systematically replaces the original address by the primary address.

This is the reason why the Received event logged in the Exchange message tracking file only contains the primary email address of the mailbox.


However, it is possible to report on secondary SMTP addresses used by external recipients using the SMTP Address Usage report template. You will find it under the Templates > Traffic Optimization menu. This template is the only one that scans message tracking files; there is no need to import anything into the database. The inconvenience is that you can only analyze tracking logs actually present on your Exchange servers.

You will apply the following options:

  • Period tab: Select a reporting period (must be set within the retention period of message tracking files on the front-end/Edge Transport server).
  • Scan On tab: Select your front-end/Edge Transport server, i.e. the point of entry of external (Internet) messages.
  • Selection tab: select the mailboxes you wish to report on.
  • Group tab: Select the Grand total check box.
  • Filter tab: Select the Incoming and Recipient check boxes.
  • Options tab: select the Only secondary adresses check box.
  • Content tab: select the Total by email address and Summary by sender check boxes (that will give you a list of secondary addresses, mailbox by mailbox, and a list all external correspondents who sent messages to thoses addresses).
  • Presentation tab: Select your own settings.
  • Output tab: Select your own settings.


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