PROMODAG StoreLog 4: usage, compatibility, instructions for use

StoreLog v.4 is a freeware that imports the full content of Exchange message tracking logs from all versions of Exchange into an SQL or an Access database. It can also be used to retrieve message tracking files from Exchange Online (Office 365).

StoreLog does not directly produce reports. If you need to produce reports, please download Promodag Reports.
  • StoreLog is a freeware. On the other hand, it is not supported.
  • StoreLog 4 support the following operating systems: Windows Vista/Windows 2008 to Windows 10/Windows 2012 R2 (32 or 64-bit).
  • StoreLog 4 supports Exchange Server 4.0 to Exchange Server 2016, as well as Office 365 (Exchange Online).
  • StoreLog 4 also offers the convenient ability to retrieve message tracking files from Exchange Online (Office 365), so that users can, in a simple way, retain these logs for an indefinite period of time and analyze data in the long run.
  • It allows to create an Access or an SQL database, import the Exchange topology, and import message tracking files. Once these steps have been completed, close StoreLog and open the database with Microsoft Access, or any SQL query tool.
For more details about StoreLog 4, check its embedded help file.

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