Why does Promodag Reports update the directory before importing message tracking files?

I noticed that Promodag Reports updates directory information in the database before starting to import message tracking files. Why is that and is there any way to stop this ?

During the directory import process, Promodag Reports creates recipients in the database. These recipients are identified by two addresses of different types:

   1. A legacy Exchange address, for instance /O=Org Name/OU=Admin Group/CN=Recipients/CN=Mailbox_A. This legacy Exchange address is recorded in message tracking files when a message is sent.
   2. A primary SMTP address, for instance mailboxa@olddomain.com, that can be modified. This primary SMTP address is recorded in message tracking files when a message is received.

Promodag Reports compares the information found in Exchange message tracking files with data previously imported from the directory and calculates, among other things, how many messages Mailbox A sent and received for that date.

If you have modified some SMTP addresses in the directory - and changed, for instance, the address of Mailbox A to mailboxa@newdomain.org - and if the directory information update in the database was not automatic, the application would create duplicates.

In our example, it would create a second Mailbox A recipient and allocate received messages to that duplicate recipient. As a result, these messages would not be linked to the "real" Mailbox A and traffic reports would become inaccurate. This is the reason why the directory information update is automatic and mandatory; this is by design.

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