What does the license cover ?

A license for PROMODAG Reports covers
  1. One single Exchange organization;
  2. One specific edition of PROMODAG Reports: Standard, Professional, Enterprise;
  3. One or more Exchange servers (for more information about supported versions, see our Requirements page);
  4. For Hybrid of full Office 365 organizations, a given number of Office 365 user mailboxes;
  5. One or more consoles (i.e. the computer - server or workstation - where the product is installed).
The license includes at least 1 Exchange server and 1 console.

For example, if two administrators need to use PROMODAG Reports, and the same database, from two separate workstations to analyze 10 Exchange servers and run data imports or reports at the same time, you will need a license  that covers
  • 10 Exchange servers
  • 2 consoles.
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