How do I obtain a report showing how many emails were sent/received from/ to my organization ?


I would like to know the specific reports I would need to run to obtain the following information:

  • The quantity of email sent/received internally.
  • The quantity of email sent/received externally.


The Server Traffic Comparison by Correspondent report template would meet your requirements. You will find it on the Templates > Server Traffic menu.

You would use the following settings:

  • Period tab: Select your reporting period (warning: imports are limited to 15 days in evaluation mode and therefore it will not be possible to report on more than 15 days if you are evaluating the product);
  • Selection tab: Select one or more Exchange server(s);
  • Group tab: No grouping (or Server if you have selected several servers);
  • Correspondents tab: Select internal and external traffic: Administrative group Like *, Internet domain Like *;
  • Recipient type tab: All recipient types;
  • Options tab: Count messages sent to n recipients, n times (see How does Promodag Reports process multiple sendings (1 message and n messages count)?);
  • Content tab: Select the Correspondents' address type radio button under Detail level;
  • Presentation tab: Display: Graph & Table, Size in MB;
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Sharepoint, Database table).

It would give you a pie chart showing your different types of traffic:



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