How do I obtain a report on traffic for a particular mailbox, a group of mailboxes, or the whole organization?


I would like to run a report on messages sent and/or received by a particular user, a group of mailboxes, or by all users in my organization. How do I do that ?


You should use the General Mailbox Traffic report template, that you will find on the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu, and apply the following settings:
  • Period tab: Select a period for your report.
  • Selection tab: Recipient type: Mailbox, Recipients by: Display name (or Server, Organizational Unit, Department...). This is where your will select one or more user mailboxes, or all mailboxes in the organization.
  • Correspondents tab: You may either display all address types, or only some of them (e.g. Administrative groupe, Like, * for internal traffic, Internet domain, Like, * for external traffic).
  • Group tab: No grouping.
  • Options tab: Count messages sent to n recipients, once.
  • Content tab: This is where you will select the detail level of your final report. The more check boxes you select, the more detailed - and the longer - your report will be.
  • Under Detail level, select Totals only to get a one-line report, an overview of your email traffic.
  • Select the Mailbox check box to show the display name of mailboxes, and their individual traffic.
  • Select the Correspondents' address type check box to also qualify this email traffic (Exchange, Internet...)
  • Select the Correspondents' domain check box to display the correspondents' SMTP domains (for Internet traffic: e.g.
  • Select the Correspondents check box to display the correspondents' SMTP addresses (Internet traffic) or their display names (internal traffic).
  • Select the Message check box to display the subject, size, and date/time sent or received of all messages included in your report.
Optional mailbox attribute may be set to E-mail address, for example. You can also select the direction of messages (Sent, Received or both).
  • Presentation tab: Choose a title for your report, and a size unit (MegaBytes for example).
  • Output tab: Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Exchange folder, Sharepoint).
See also: How do I obtain a report on traffic between two groups of mailboxes (or two mailboxes) ?

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