Antivirus or backup software open mailboxes and regularly reset the last logon date. Therefore, the "Which mailboxes were not used in the last 30 days" custom report, delivered as an example with the application and available on the Favorites > Capacity Planning and Exchange Migration menu, may be inaccurate.

To generate a list of mailboxes that are no longer in use, you can alternatively report on mailboxes that have not sent any messages during the specified period thanks to the Mailbox by Traffic Level report template. You will it on the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu.

You would apply the following settings:
  • Period tab: Select your reporting period; 
  • Selection tab: Select Mailbox as Recipient type, All recipients of the selected type;
  • Correspondents tab: Check the All correspondents radio button; 
  • Group tab: Level 1: No grouping (Organization); 
  • Filter tab: Messages count sent Equals 0;
  • Options tab: Check the following radio buttons: Sort by: Message count, Sent, Descending; Count messages sent to n recipients: once;
  • Content tab: Select the following check boxes: Messages: Sent; Received; Include: Recipients with no traffic; 
  • Presentation tab: enter the settings of your choice; 
  • Output tab: Destination: Screen.

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