Why does Promodag Reports import the entire Exchange organization from the directory?

Our Exchange organization is global and I am the administrator for Europe only. Why do I need to import the Exchange organization from the directory?

Promodag Reports needs to import the structure of the entire Exchange organization in order to be able to identify:
  • Servers, DAGs, Exchange databases, OUs;
  • Recipients in the organization, such as mailboxes, public folders, distribution groups (including dynamic and nested distribution groups);
  • Mail contacts.
For example, it would not be possible to resolve a distribution group including all members of the Exchange organization if some of these members were unknown.

Apart from directory objects, Promodag Reports also imports a number of AD attributes used in report templates of the Templates > Inventory menu.

Directory information may either be entirely re-imported on a regular basis, or simply updated using the File > Import Directory Data option. A full import is performed immediately after the database has been created, and an automatic update takes place by default each time message tracking files are imported into the database. It is possible to replace that update by a full re-import.

See also: FAQ, Why does PROMODAG Reports updates the directory before importing message tracking files?

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