Export of reports to PDF returns an error : ‘You may obtain this error message because you use Windows 8.1’

You recently started to receive this error message from PROMODAG Reports v.9 each time you attempt to export a report to PDF:
However, your console runs Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2, and so this message seems entirely irrelevant. What’s going on?
The explanation is that Microsoft delivered a new version of the Time New Roman font (times.ttf) with the update KB3102429: Update that supports Azerbaijani Manat and Georgian Lari currency symbols in Windows (17/11/2015).
Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Crystal Reports - that is the report engine we use in version 9. This issue is known and has been addressed for Windows 8.1 users in 2013, the solution being to use the Georgia font instead. This is precisely for that reason that we provide a second set of report definitions within the installation directory of PROMODAG Reports v.9 in C:\Program Files (x86):
When PROMODAG Reports starts and detects Windows 8.1, it automatically chooses the \RptGeorgia folder. Otherwise, it throws the error message. The only change is that this issue now affects Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 too.
To fix this problem, you can either
  1. Upgrade to PROMODAG Reports version 10, if you are under maintenance. This is the solution we recommend;
  2. OR uninstall the update KB3102429, and prevent Windows from downloading it again;
  3. OR rename the \RptGeorgia folder as \Rpt.

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