My database is getting very large and I would like to delete old records I do no longer need. How can I do that?


Use the Purge Message Tracking/IIS/Storage Size Data options, that you will find under the Tools menu. You simply need to
  1. Select the Exchange servers that generated the records you would like to purge,
  2. "Push" them to the right pane,
  3. Set the start and end dates of the purge,
  4. Click OK to start the process. It can take some time depending on the quantity of data to purge.

Connector flow events imported from message tracking files, and events imported from IIS log files generally take the most space. If you purge them, compact your database at the end of the process.

For more explanations on these functionalities, click the 'Help' button in the Purge Message Tracking/IIS/Storage Size Data  options.

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