How to save a selection of specific mailboxes to be used in several custom reports

You may save selections of mailboxes, of servers, or also filters separately before saving your report options. This feature allows you to associate customized selections with several report option files.

For example, you would like to save a report option file for the Find Specific Messages report you just set up. You have decided to report only on a selection of mailboxes located in a specific AD container (the \Denver container).

You can add, clear, save or choose selection settings with the following buttons:
 Option      Description
   Save setting(s) in the saved selections folder. 
   Open the saved selections folder to select previously saved selection settings.

Once your selection settings have been saved, the name of the selection file (*.PrSel) is displayed.

Settings files may be re-used in all reports using similar selections (in this example, all reports you can run again a selection of mailboxes).

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