Question: How long does it take to run a report with PROMODAG Reports ?

Answer: The time it takes to run a report depends on the following factor:

  • The type of report you are running:

- Reports on traffic read data stored in the database. To generate such reports can take between 2 minutes and over half an hour depending on the reporting period you select (i.e. one year or one day), the number of mailboxes you select (i.e. 100 or 50,000).

- Reports on content dynamically collect data through a MAPI connection (a report from the Templates > Mailbox Content group ran on several thousand mailboxes may typically take several hours to complete, for example).

  • Your software and hardware configuration (local Access database on a Pentium-III, or recent workstation connected to a SQL database stored on a SQL server with 16 GB of RAM...), see the related topic in the Online help.

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