Please follow these steps to set up PROMODAG Reports to automatically generate reports:

   1. Create a report options file: Select the relevant template, apply your options, save a custom report option file.
   2. Create a batch file: Select the report option file(s) you created in the previous step, and add it to a batch file.
   3. Schedule the batch file using the Windows standard Task Scheduler.

1. Create a report options file

To create a reports option file, select a report from the Templates menu. Select the options of your choice, test them to make sure that you obtain the results you expected. Select an output and a file format, for example 'Email recipient' and 'Portable Doc Format (PDF)'. Then click the Save button on the template dialog box to create the report options file. By default, the *.pro file will be saved in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Promodag\Reports\9\ directory (or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\Promodag\Reports\9\ for operating systems prior to Windows Vista).

Note: Screen output is not available for automated reports.

2. Create a batch file

To create a batch file, select Tools > Task Automation to access the automation screen. Select the report option file you created in step 1 and add them to the batch file. Click the 'Save' button. By default, the *.prb file will be saved in the \Batches sub-directory of PROMODAG Reports.

3. Schedule the batch file

Click the Schedule button to display the Windows Task Scheduler and select your settings.

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