An alert stating ''GetReportData Load report failed'' displays when trying to run a report


An alert message stating ''GetReportData Load report failed'' displays when trying to run a report.

A. This behavior may occur if the %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp folder contains many temporary report files.

To solve this problem, clear the content of the \Temp folder.

B. This behavior may also occur if you installed several softwares using the Crystal Report engine. In this case, you will find

  • a \Business Objects sub-folder, and
  • a \Crystal Reports  sub-folder in the  %PROGRAMFILES%\%CommonFiles% folder.


To solve this problem, 

   1.      Open the Registry Editor (Start > Run, enter the 'regedit' command).
   2.      Unfold HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Crystal Decisions\10.2\Report Application Server\InProcServer\LocalConnectionMgr;
   3.      Modify the entry ConnectionDirectoryPath (which will be empty) to %PROGRAMFILES%\common files\business Objects\2.7\bin;
   4.      Add a second Reg_Sz key called ReportDirectoryPath and set its value to %PROGRAMFILES%\common files\business objects\2.7\bin.

Please replace %PROGRAMFILES%\%CommonFiles% by the full path to the Program Files folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\Common Files (it depends on the language of your Windows installation).

Note: The cause and the solution are the same as one of those described in the following article:
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