Why does PROMODAG Reports update the directory before importing message tracking files?

I noticed that PROMODAG Reports updates directory information in the database before starting to import message tracking files. Why is that and is there any way to stop this ?


During the directory import process, PROMODAG Reports creates recipients in the database. These recipients are identified by two addresses of different types:

   1. A legacy Exchange address, for instance /O=Org Name/OU=Admin Group/CN=Recipients/CN=Mailbox_A. This legacy Exchange address is recorded in message tracking files when a message is sent.
   2. A primary SMTP address, for instance mailboxa@olddomain.com, that can be modified. This primary SMTP address is recorded in message tracking files when a message is received.

During the message tracking files import process, PROMODAG Reports compares information found in Exchange message tracking files with recipients data previously imported from the directory and calculates, for instance, how many messages Mailbox A sent and received for that date.

If you decided to modify some SMTP addresses in the directory - and change, for instance, the address of Mailbox A to mailboxa@newdomain.org - and if the directory information update in the database was not automatic, PROMODAG Reports would create duplicated recipients.

In our example, it would create a second Mailbox A recipient and allocate received messages to that duplicate recipient. As a result, these messages would not be linked to the "real" Mailbox A and traffic reports would become inaccurate. This is the reason why the directory information update is automatic and compulsory and this is by design.

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