Why does the Distribution Groups Usage report only deal with internal messages ?

I want to find out who sent messages to our distribution groups from our Exchange organization, and from the Internet. How come the Distribution Groups Usage report only shows messages sent by internal users ?

Answer: The Distribution Groups Usage report can only show the number and volume of messages sent by internal users to distribution groups for reasons explained in the following related article: How does PROMODAG Reports deal with distribution list/group ?

The best workaround is to use General Mailbox Traffic instead, that can now handle distribution group and public folder as well as mailbox traffic. This feature is available from v.10.1 onwards.
  • Selection tab: select 'Recipient type': Distribution groups.
  • Content tab: select 'Received' messages.
With older versions of PROMODAG Reports,the only possible way to find out who emailed your distribution groups from the Internet is to use the Traffic Optimization > SMTP Address Usage report template. It can dynamically scan message tracking files on one or more servers for a specific SMTP address, so you can use it to scan your Edge servers for the Distribution Groups' SMTP addresses.
  • Scan on tab: only select the server through which incoming messages enter the Exchange system (Frontend or Edge server).
  • Selection tab: Recipient type is 'Distribution Group'. You can select them all, or select some specific Groups. In that case, save your selection, so that you will not need to do it again.
  • Filter tab: Message direction is Incoming. Filter messages where the selected address appears as, Recipient.
  • Content tab: Message full detail.

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