How do I track email sent to a particular SMTP domain ?


I would like to run a specific report that would display all emails sent to a particular domain (e.g. This report would include the email subject, the sender's name, and the email addresses of the recipient. How do I do that ?


You should use the General Mailbox Traffic report template, that you will find on the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu, and apply the following settings:

  • Period tab:                        Select a period for your report.
  • Selection tab:                   All organization mailboxes.
  • Group tab:                         Level 1 : No grouping.
  • Correspondents tab:       Select the Some types radio button, and filter as shown on the screenshot below.

  • Content tab:   Detail level : select the Mailbox, Correspondents' domain or AG, Correspondent and Message boxes; Messages: select the Sent box.
  • Output tab:   Your own choice (Screen, Printer, Disk file, Email recipient, Exchange folder, Sharepoint).

The resulting report should look like this:

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