How can I obtain a dynamic view of a the content of a mailbox or of a public folder?

Question: The General Mailbox Content report I obtain on my screen does not include all the information I would like to see. Is there any way to obtain a dynamic view of a mailbox content ?

Answer: The Exploring form output destination, that can be selected in the Output tab, would meet your requirement.

It is available in the following report templates:

  • General Mailbox Content,
  • Mailbox Folder Size,
  • Public Folder Content,
  • Public Folder Size.

You can select additional information you want to display in the report in the Filter tab.

Your final report displays the selected mailboxes folders' tree. You can expand or collapse this tree to view or hide the subjects of items they contain.

Note: Exploring forms cannot be saved, printed or exported. However, it is possible to select records, and then copy and paste them into Excel.

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