How to speed up problem resolution when submitting a new ticket

If, for any reason, you come across a technical issue
  • That is not already addressed in our Knowledge Base - do not hesitate to run a keyword search using the search engine - or in the embedded help system (use the Help > Help menu),
  • That has not been already corrected in a recent version of PROMODAG Reports - please check our Downloads page and update your installation if a newer build is available,
then please fell free to contact our support team to open a new ticket, preferably by e-mail.

Use the Technical Support Request option in the Help menu so that configuration information is included in your request.

If the problem is related to a report, please provide:

- The report name;
- The options you used;
- Error message(s) if any - do not hesitate to attach one or more screenshots;
- Returned results, expected results;
- A copy of the report if applicable;
- In general, all information that may help us investigate this issue.

If the problem is related to data import (directory, message tracking files, IIS logs, storage size) or database upgrade, please zip and send us the entire content of your trace file directory. Its path can be checked or modified in the Trace & Alert tab of Tools > Options.

Note: We only need *.LOG files and we recommend you to zip them before sending your e-mail.

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