It is possible to set specific report permissions by using the standard Windows user account permissions.

In PROMODAG Reports, each report uses one or more specific .repx file stored in the \Rpt sub-directory of the installation folder. You can allow or deny access to specific reports by changing permissions on these files.

Example: You need to prevent a group of users from running the General Mailbox Traffic report because it displays message subjects.

1. Finding the name of the template:

  • Select the General Mailbox Traffic report template from the Templates > Mailbox Traffic menu.
  • Select one single mailbox in the Selection tab and a short reporting period.
  • Click OK to run the report.
  • The name of the template (PRRxxyy) will appear at the bottom of the report (in this example it is PRR0029_02.repx).

2. Locating the corresponding .repx file:

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to the C:\Program Files\Promodag\Reports10\Rpt folder.
  • Locate the PRR0029_02.repx file.
  • Right click on it and select Properties.
  • Under the Security tab, set permissions accordingly: deny access to that specific users' group.

3.  Checking for results:

  • Log on to the PROMODAG workstation with the account for which the report has been denied.
  • Open PROMODAG Reports and try to run the General Mailbox Traffic report.
  • An error message will appear and prevent the report from being displayed.

Note:  You may have to set permissions again when reinstalling PROMODAG Reports.

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